Aluminum sheets

Extend Asset Life of your Measurement and Control System

Extend Asset Life of your Measurement and Control System

In-process control of parameters such as thickness, weight, shape, temperature and TAD, improve product uniformity of aluminum foil or sheets. Our mission is to ensure that your measurex system continuously operates with a 100% level of reliability and accuracy. In so doing, we provide a cost-effective alternative to obsolescence, by further extending the lifecycle of these systems.

Fast and reliable delivery of spare parts is essential for the optimal performance of your quality measurement control system. We offer a wide selection of OEM compatible spare parts for these various measurement control systems like 2000, 2001, 2002, MMU, RT2, RT3, MX-Open and MX-Pro. Custom made products like harnesses and junction cables are being assembled on demand in a very short leadtime. In our production facilities we repair and test any replacement part for your measurex system and provide any part required for a retrofit.

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