Plastic sheets

Maximize your Measurement and Control Investment

Maximize your Measurement and Control Investment

Plastic sheets and films come in a variety of different base materials, colors, thicknesses and desities.

During the production process plastic films, woven and non-woven sheets need a continuous measurement control system to optimize the quality such as basis weight and thickness, color and opacity. That’s where NRS electronics can assist you.

We are committed to helping you extend the asset life of your measurement control system by providing spare parts needed to maintain your measurement systems and optimize the quality of your plastic sheets and films.

In our warehouse we’ve thousands of items for quick delivery. Custom made products like power tracks and harnesses are being assembled on demand in a very short lead-time. In our production facilities we repair and test any hard-to-find replacement part for your measurex system and provide any part required for a retrofit.

We are only a phone call away.

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